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Introducing our Firm and Blog

Hello Business Legal world, we are delighted to formally introduce our firm and present Our Blog to you dear esteemed clients and guests. We at A&P commit to always do our best to bring you periodical updates on relevant news from Cameroon and beyond.

Abanga and partners Business Legal Firm (A&P), is a small firm of smart and leading lawyers and consultants with diverse legal and business experience. Situated in the administrative and business neighbourhood of Bonanjo in Douala Cameroon Central Africa, A&P is strategically located to offer its clients the best services their portfolio warrants.

Some of our services include;

Litigation; Alternative Dispute Resolution; Investment Advisory; Corporate services and Intellectual property Rights services.

With regards to litigation, we study case files and suggest pre-litigation options before embarking on proper litigation perse. We are motivated by the indisputable fact that the worst out of court settlement can be more time and cost advantageous than the best court judgment. We cut across different areas of the law such as criminal, civil, labour, family law, contracts, Insurance, Administrative, and military related litigation be the various courts of the country .

This leads to the specialization at A&P in Alternative Disputes Resolution. At A&P, all negotiations we initiate or are made a party to, both in and out of court, are as in all other areas of our work, in the best interest of our clients.

With this same utmost interest of our clients as a guiding post, we offer and deliver nothing but excellent Investment Advisory for national and international investors. Our services cut across all business law related issues.

Our Investment Advisory services are in par with the Corporate services we offer our clients, guaranteeing to offer excellent IP and general or specialized Business and Project Management consultations on request.

Our goal is to build a strong and lasting clientèle relationship, helping our clients get satisfactory results. Work with Abanga and Partners and you won’t regret working with an expedient, reliable and efficient team of persons. At A&P, scaling our clients’ concern is our priority.

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