Vision & Mission

A&P’s vision is one in alignment with the current era of emergence for a nation in dire need of new and innovative approaches to setting up and doing business, and the legal engagements and actions which may arise there from. A&P is therefore not only aware of the need to offer its services in an innovative and result and benefits driven approach, but we are equally conscious of the imperativeness of having a unique service approach which will guarantee a sustainable business edge in the ever evolving eco-friendly business legal environment.


Our mission at A&P is to offer services which cut across the purely legal spectrum to include business and investments advisory as well as the highly courted project management expertise thanks to our certified project managers and highly qualified business strategy experts with a firm grasp of the local market. At A&P, we think Global, act local and strive for win-win in all our transactions. Led by an experienced senior managing partner and cross-border associate with the renowned CBA group, A&P conducts business both online and on the ground.

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